UMD Research Study

NEMIC, in conjunction with the University of Maryland Department of Fire Protection Engineering, set out to study the reliability of smoke control systems and life safety dampers installed in HVAC systems.

Dr. James Milke, professor and chair of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering, and Ph.D. candidate Robert Ayoub conducted the study to create awareness of the importance of periodic inspection of fire dampers, smoke dampers and smoke control systems.

The principal approach for the research study included collection of data from inspections and post-incident investigations of the performance of fire dampers, smoke dampers, and smoke control systems. A survey was distributed to contractors, engineering consultants, and government agencies who conduct such inspections.

The results of the survey identified that issues for FLS dampers in existing buildings were widespread and that FLS dampers in new buildings were not immune from showing evidence of problems. The issues for smoke control systems were more prominent in new buildings than existing buildings.

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